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Eirion is developing innovative prescription products for aesthetic medicine and medical dermatology.



Product Candidates


ET-01 Topical Botulinum for Lateral Canthal Lines (Crow’s Feet) and Primary Axillary Hyperhidrosis

ET-01 is a topical botulinum product being developed with the goal of avoiding the pain, bleeding and bruising that can be associated with the injection of commercially available botulinum products.  ET-01 employs a nanoemulsion transdermal delivery technology essential for a large molecule such as botulinum to penetrate into the skin.  ET-01 is administered in the physician’s office using a proprietary two-step process that is completed in minutes:  

  • Step 1: A pre-conditioning procedure (“microporation”) creates temporary micropores in the skin to maximize the bioavailability of ET-01.

  • Step 2: ET-01 is applied to and then fully rubbed into the skin by a health professional using a gloved finger.


AI-09 Injectable Botulinum for Glabellar Lines

  • AI-09 employs a proprietary technology that allows an injectable botulinum to be formulated as a convenient, ready-to-use liquid product, instead of requiring reconstitution with saline prior to use.

  • AI-09 does not contain human albumin, eliminating any concerns regarding transmissible diseases. 

  • AI-09 will be stable – without refrigeration - for significantly more than 24 hours after a bottle of product is initially used.
    Each of these features contrast with all commercially available products.

ET-02 (Topical) and ET-03 (Oral) Small Molecule for Androgenetic Alopecia, Hair Greying, and Other Dermatologic Conditions

  • ET-02 and ET-03 contain the same small molecule that is being developed for the topical and oral treatment of androgenetic alopecia (male or female pattern baldness), and hair greying. Eirion utilizes a different therapeutic approach than other products for androgenic alopecia that are commercially available or in development. ET-02 and ET-03 targets a novel and compelling mechanism of action that we believe corrects a dysfunction in the hair follicle stem cell that is the cause of alopecia. 

    • To Eirion’s knowledge, ET-02 and ET-03 are the only pharmaceutical products in development for hair greying. Eirion believes hair greying is also due to a defect in the stem cells in the hair follicle. 

    • ET-02 and ET-03 have the potential to be effective in treating other medical dermatologic indications (not yet disclosed).

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